Stephanie Hanlon

Media manager and content specialist with a background in journalism, marketing and academia.

I’ve been working in traditional and online media for more than a decade, holding positions such as managing editor, copywriter, copy editor, designer, journalist, marketing coordinator and marketing strategist. I’ve spent most of my time managing small and large content teams, producing content, and planning strategic and targeted campaigns.

In 2015, I earned my master’s degree in new media marketing to freshen up my skills. And around the same time, I began focusing my professional development on marketing analytics and data-driven strategy development. While teaching at the undergraduate level, I taught high level communications courses and conducted extensive research on Caribbean media, which I was able to apply to marketing strategy development as an independent marketer. This sparked my passion for audience profiling, market research and strategy development.

Then, I applied my skills on national marketing campaigns for a financial services firm on St. Croix. I managed national search engine optimization campaigns, online reputation management, conversion rate optimization. I also performed audience profiling utilizing customer data and Google Analytics data, and drafted comprehensive marketing strategies that encouraged targeted marketing efforts.

After two devastating hurricanes – Irma and Maria – swept through the Virgin Islands, the company I was working for started a massive hurricane relief effort. During this effort, we coordinated the evacuation of hundreds of people, and the shipment of more than 75,000 pounds of aid to St. Croix. The company asked me to run this charity as a long-term effort and I’m now managing all aspects, including the marketing and communications, of Cane Bay Cares.

My background as a journalist is a huge asset as I’m well versed in conducting research, using data to tell stories and look at key indicators, writing, editing, design, photography, storytelling and management. And I have a track record for success in the field of communications in general, working on several successful campaigns, winning awards and earning a 4.0 overall in a graduate program in communications, new media marketing.

On my free time (which there isn’t much of ;)) I take photos and write creatively. You can check this work out at



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