Stephanie Hanlon

There is a story in everything. I use photography to craft images with layer, depth and movement. My current work uses movement to tell larger stories of place. Movement in the earth as shown in the stars, in water as seen in waterfalls, or in lights and moving cars. Movement shown in scapes: skyscapes, landscapes and cityscapes, using wide angle lenses and slow shutter speeds. The place being explored is Georgia, both the urban scapes of Atlanta, the green scapes of the northern mountains and the coast to the east. I use three types of cameras to capture these visual stories: a Nikon D5600 (a digital Single Lens Reflex), a Minolta X-700 (a film 35mm SLR), and a Rolleiflex 3.5 (a medium format Twin Lens Reflex).

About me:

I was born in New York, and have been taking photos for more than 20 years, learning on film and adapting to digital. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Journalism from Long Island University, and a Master of Fine Arts in Communications from Southern New Hampshire University. As a journalist in the Virgin Islands for more than a decade, I became experienced photographing live events like Carnivals, protests and government hearings. My work is still focused on finding the story, but now through fine art digital and film photography. I am currently focused on exploring movement in photography through wide angle views of cityscapes and landscapes in the state of Georgia. I tell my visual stories primarily through my Medium blog Literary Lens.


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